Agnes Heinrich

I believe the world is incomprehensively beautiful, an endless prospect of magic and wonder! (Ansel Adams)

My main purpose in this life is to help others and, if I can’t, at least not to hurt them. We are just passing by and we must leave nice footprints. I love being an explorer in order to find new sensations.

After having lived in several countries, I learnt to accept changes in my life and see it as a game, a new chance. But I always felt more attracted to nature than to cities, feeling closer to myself.

Waking up every morning, in this natural environment, teaches me and I find beauty everywhere.

I have practiced a variety of sports and, after a series of injuries, I finally decided to find a preventive activity that I could practice for the rest of my life, and that’s when I fell in love with yoga.

Uniting the practice of yoga with nature prepares me to live in balance and in harmony with myself and with others. It teaches me to stop, observe, be patient and to live at a moderate rhythm.

After practicing for several years, I got the chance to open my own yoga studio.

I like sharing and teaching my passion for Yoga.

In Dynamic Yoga, breathing takes a fundamental role, it is meditation in movement.

When practicing Yin Yoga, I like the encounter of being in silence with myself and let myself go with its depth and intensity where I have the chance to find, listen to and feel many answers.

Facing silence and discovering that it is not empty, but full of answers.

I am very grateful to be able to go on this journey filled with so many experiences and new things, discover myself and my surroundings. I feel inspired and full of energy and I am not afraid to face new challenges.

I love meeting new people and being in an international environment because different cultures offer me other perspectives.

I speak German, English, French, Hungarian and Spanish..

Knowing the whole world is nothing compared to knowing your own mystery of inner life. (Osho)

Javier Macías

I was born in Cádiz, in the heart of very hard-working family, where I was fortunate enough to be steeped in marvellous examples such as my father and my mother. We went to live in Madrid where my experiences with the Boys Scouts started, and where I discovered my Love of nature.

I was sure that I wanted to be an Engineer, so I went to study my degree in San Sebastián, a beautiful place, beautiful people.

I had to learn English, so I decided to go to Dublin when I finished my degree.

When I came back to Spain, I decided to set up my own business, for sure due to the genes I have inherited from my father.

After 16 years working for myself, focusing on the manufacture of ecological ventilation systems and on natural lighting, while studying Architecture in Madrid I discovered Domes supported on geodesic structures and I fell in love with the advantages that their geometry offers regarding the use of energies and inner comfort, so I began to carry out research on them. 

I am passionate about exploring and using materials from nature and in transforming them in order to live comfortably and in a healthy way.

That’s why I am currently experimenting with different configurations in the construction of Domes, always seeking their integration and with maximum respect for nature. 

I feel really grateful about having the chance to live in and with nature, sharing my life with  MOTHER EARTH. 

Moreover, I am very interested in climbing, which enables me to listen to my interior.

It’s a pleasure to see it, it seems like a well full of ideas, like it is researching a sustainable and ecological construction to offer the environment and to keep an aesthetic image in line with nature.

My creativity gives me fantastic drive towards the way to explore and try new paths related to the elements of earth, water, sun and air. I love touching, feeling and shaping with my hands.

I love sharing and transmitting my passion for this sustainable construction. And I really enjoy being in contact with nature.