What is AVATAR?

MisiOn, visiOn AND VALUIES


We foster art and culture by recovering old traditional trades

AVATAR is a meeting place for personal, social and family development in the heart of nature where a variety of activities like Dome building courses, yoga classes, training and yoga retreats, osteopath courses, medicinal plant workshops, alternative therapies are given,… which help us to attain a more aware and healthier life. Moreover, we foster art and culture by recovering old traditional trades like working with natural fibres such as esparto, working with clays (pottery) and by organising concerts and temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photography, …

Located in Andalusia in the south of Spain, on a 5 hectare plot between the villages of Manilva and Casares, just 15 minutes away from a number of beaches on the Mediterranean coast.

On the property, we can enjoy our stay in an old, self-sufficient farmhouse. The electricity supply for the entire estate comes from latest generation photovoltaic panels. The water that irrigates our lands comes from a spring.

Among the trees, orchards and plants, we can cool down on those hot days in the welcoming pond, which fills up with its own spring water that spouts within the estate.

Fresh foods sprout in our garden and we use them to make delicious dishes that are full of flavour and energy.

 The various activities that we offer are carried out inside an impressive Dome or in the open air.

We are very fortunate to be able to, in the surrounding areas, follow in the footsteps of the Romans, crossing the Utera Canyon, which is from the Jurassic period, where we can find prehistoric treasures like Ammonites, a thrilling trip for nature lovers, excursionists and climbers.

At the end of the Canyon, on the River Manilva, we can enjoy a refreshing dip in the Roman baths with their sulphurous water. It is said that Julius Cesar cured a skin infection in these waters and, for that reason, he ordered the construction of the baths.

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